The competence toolkit (only available in Dutch) was developed to support organisers of sport-for-development programmes (‘sport-plus’) and sport clubs who (want to) focus on competence development for youth at-risk by delivering volunteer opportunities in sport. The toolkit focuses on the recognition, development and strengthening of competences for this youth. As this work requires an integrated approach on different levels, the toolkit comprises of practical work tools and instructional manuals explaining in detail how to work towards, assess and evaluate these competences. All these instruments can be found on the website of the research group ‘Sport & Society’. They can be downloaded for free.

The competence toolkit aims at supporting social sport practices in their attempt to develop (socially vulnerable) youngsters’ competences through taking engagement in sport. It collects different instruments, ranging from practical instruments and instruction manuals to substantive methodologies and an online application. Initially, this competence toolkit is aimed at social sport practices throughout Flanders, and is therefore only available in Dutch. However, we explore the possibility to develop an English version.

  • Prof. dr. Marc Theeboom
  • Prof. dr. Jikkemien Vertonghen
  • Prof. dr. Kristine De Martelaer
  • dr. Evi Buelens